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The basic rules of the machines are similar: to receive a payout, a chain of identical symbols must form on the playing field. Those combinations that fell out on active lines or in adjacent cells are counted, depending on the rules of the device.

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All visitors to the online casino Vulkan can play free slot machines. You can run the devices in the demo version on the official website in the version for PC or mobile devices, in the installed application.

Log in to the Vulcan casino. Go to the "Game room" section. Choose any machine from the presented. Press the "Demo" button.


At the time of launching the slot, 1000 demo credits are credited to the account. This currency is used only for free betting and cannot be withdrawn. If the demo credits are over, the gamer needs to refresh the slot page to get new ones. Just like in the regular version of the game, in the free mode, the gambler needs to set the game parameters and select the betting range. When forming winning combinations, demo credits will be credited to the virtual account. In the online casino Vulkan, gamblers will be able to play any slot machines for free without registration. The main advantages of the demo mode are: Playing online slots for free will allow the gambler to get acquainted with all the features of the slot and make sure that it is profitable.

Playing in a casino for free online is one of the main features that distinguish online resources from offline gaming clubs. Demo mode opens up more opportunities for gamblers. The main advantages of the format are the absence of mandatory registration and investment of own funds. In addition, for the slot machine player, the demo version is a guarantee of privacy. The free mode of slots, devices with cards and roulette is of interest to gamers not only in terms of entertainment. This format performs other functions as well. For beginners, it allows you to get acquainted with the range of casinos. Experienced players use it to get acquainted with the novelties of the gaming hall, which regularly appear on the official website of the club.

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The next opportunity that openedgives gamblers an offer to play slot machines for free - this is testing winning strategies. The game algorithms, volatility indicators and other technical characteristics of the demo versions completely coincide with the similar parameters of slot machines in the normal mode. Therefore, slots without registration are the best choice for those who want to develop and test the performance of betting tactics. When testing winning schemes, an important feature of the demo format should be taken into account. Each reboot terminates the previous session and starts a new one. Therefore, if the strategy is designed for a large number of bets, it is necessary to correctly calculate their size. It must be related to the available amount of free credits accrued for the game.

Demo mode is a win-win game option.


Even if the player immediately chose the maximum bet, made one spin, and it did not give a result, in fact, there is no loss here. This is due to the absence of any investment from the gambler. Refreshing the page completely restores the demo balance, and you can rotate the reels at the maximum bet with rebooting the device many times. In this way, sooner or later, the player can wait for a large winning combination to fall out. There is another, more convenient option that allows you to win in demo mode. Before playing demo slot machines for free, you should clarify the volatility indicators. Based on this criterion, you can calculate the size of the bet, which with a high probability will allow you to wait for a win. The calculation for devices with low volatility is 20-25 bets. For an average, 30-35 should be enough, and for a high - 40-50.

Regardless of how the gambler plans to win, the procedure for using the demo mode is common to all options. The player selects a slot on the official website of the casino and launches it without mandatory authorization. Depending on the accrued amount, the gamer sets the bet size (you can immediately select the “Max Bet” function). Further rotations are performed in manual or automatic mode. At the end of the demo credits, as already noted, the device should be restarted.

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A large number of companies are engaged in the development of slot machines.
Providers add various technical characteristics and bonus options to them. The leading positions in popularity are occupied by 4 companies:
Slot machines from this manufacturer are in great demand among gamblers due to the presence of a large number of bonus options: risk games, special signs, prize rounds.
Developer of modern gaming machines. The peculiarity of the slots of this manufacturer lies in a large set of bonus options, the use of 3D graphics, and the addition of random events. igrosoft. The company's portfolio contains several dozen slots.
They are considered the most popular among gamblers due to the high level of return.
The manufacturer often releases new items, adding bonuses and high-quality graphics to the games. In terms of the quality and profitability of slots, the leading positions are also occupied by Playtech, Play’n GO, Five Man Games. The machines differ from each other not only in bonus options, but also in technical parameters. Classic slots contain three reels, and a table of coefficients is placed on the main game screen. The progressive jackpot is also often played in such slots.



Modern and themed slots have a more advanced design, more special symbols, additional bonus rounds and doubling games. Only one special character or several at once can be added to devices. Providers can also use more reels (from six) and lines (up to several thousand).


The ability to run slot machines for free will allow you to get acquainted with all the features of the game without risk. Go to the game room of the Vulkan club, choose the slot you like and try it in demo mode. Gambling games are flash games for fans of the most gambling entertainment! Gambling flash games are the best alternative to casinos, because you risk absolutely nothing! You can hone your skills in roulette and all kinds of poker and even slot machines. In our section of gambling flash games you can find the best games that can satisfy any, even the most exotic taste!


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